The certification audit of the quality management system Nizhnekamsk Enterprise «Centromontazhavtomatika» LLC

In April, 2008, in Nizhnekamsk Enterprise “Centromontazhavtomatika” LLC passed Quality Management System Auditing that certified the company to the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001:2001 standard and stated that there are regulated conditions in the company of performing and rendering services that guarantee appropriate quality of executed works and testify availability of the company’s economic mechanism structure of high level industrial standards that would as result let the company gain a high competitive position among other construction and assembling organizations.

Certification was performed by Quality Systems “INTERECOMS” that is accredited in the system of DAR/TGA, Germany. The certificates issued in the framework of DAR/TGA system are of great importance for any company that operates at the European or world market because Germany is a member of International Accreditation Forum, Inc.(IAF).

Nizhnekamsk Enterprise “Centromontazhavtomatika” LLC certified in QMS the following main fields of its operation activities:

  • Installation of instrumentation and automated control systems and electrical devices.
  • Construction and installation of indoor engineering systems and equipment.
  • installation of communication equipment and fiber optic lines.
  • Maintenance, service and repair of CCTV systems, fire and security alarm systems and access systems.
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of fire protection equipment for building and structures.




Management System

Further development and improvement of QMS and the company altogether is a permanent process that must be effective that is to meet expectancy demands of the Customer. It is vital for the company to gain and then maintain the required quality factor of economic cost that contributes to its cost effectiveness and competitiveness.


The company's activities

The company is equipped with a base of skilled professionals to produce quality work, and a license for all types of work. All of the enterprise passed the certification audit of the quality management system for compliance with ISO 9001: 2001.

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