Quality Policy

Quality Policy
Nizhnekamsk Enterprise “Centromontazhavtomatika” LLC

Quality Policy that our company endeavours to pursue is in conformity with strategic objectives of its activities, and constitutes the general intents and directions of the company development of its quality policy.

Our strategic objectives:

  • To gain the leading positions in construction industry of the Republic of Tatarstan.
  • To ensure stable, planned and progressive advance of the company, increase profit in gross and enhance financial solidity.
  • To bring in new customers and increase attractiveness of the company to the regular customers precisely identifying the requirements of each individual customer and then meeting these requirements.
  • Year-on-year increase of production value due to incoming of new customers.
  • To deliver performed work and services to the customer on time and with due quality.
  • To ensure appropriate functionality of QMS in each organization department that is engaged into production process regulated by this system.
  • To go for and form stable partnership with other organizations that are also engaged in implementation of the projects executed by NE “Centromontazhavtomatika” LLC while the final quality of the end product is also subject to performed quality of those organizations. To encourage development of those organizations in direction of quality improvement of performed work.
  • To inform all concerned about QMS status.
  • To maintain the image of scrupulous, reliable and likely supplier of construction and assembling products and services.
  • To improve production standards and exclude injury at working places by training the operating personnel and carrying out on regular basis checks of labour safety skills and knowledge.

The company’s management of Nizhnekamsk Enterprise “Centromontazhavtomatika” LLC enters into commitment and incurs liability for GMS developed by the company to be in conformity with GOST R ISO 9001:2001 requirements and for its realization , and undertakes all appropriate measures to clarify this policy to all company’s employees.

Each company’s employee undertakes to perform his (hers) work with due quality, and is aware of the fact that all company’s employees take part in delivery to the Customer safe and reliable products that meet expectancy demands of the Customer.