The company is equipped with a base of skilled professionals to produce quality work, and a license for all types of work.

When working it is possible to implement an enterprise-wide uniform policy, both technically and organizationally. This allows control over the quality of work quickly to address emerging issues.

Types of works:

  • installation and commissioning of process automation systems, instrumentation, electrical installations;
  • installation of fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL);
  • manufacturing and switching boards, panels and cabinets (including winterized), baskets, trays: boxes painted or galvanized steel (SP 100x50, SP 100x100, SP 150x150, SP 200x200), galvanized trays (LMT-10, LMT-15, LMT -20), perforating products (trays, angles, channels, band, Z-image), panels, consoles, cabinets metal insulated (SHO 1000, SHO-1400), racks, shelves cable, selected device, flexible bushings;
  • manufacture of metal and non-standard equipment for individual orders and customer projects;
  • installation, commissioning and maintenance of automatic fire suppression systems, fire alarm systems and smoke protection, technical building equipment for fire fighting;
  • project development process automation systems, communication systems and fire alarm systems, energy-efficient systems, and systems (nodes) calculation of energy resources;
  • packaging equipment and materials (microcontroller, computer and office equipment, instrumentation, valves and control valves, cables, steel tubes, steel boxes, trays and perfoizdeliya, insulated cabinets, cabinets and control panels, etc.) in compliance with a variety of delivery terms.


Important to implement the objects

«Nizhnekamskneftekhim» Inc.

  • Polystyrene production capacity of 50 thousand tons per year
  • Manufacture of rubber SKD-N capacity of 100 thousand tons per year
  • Production of SBR capacity of 50 thousand tons per year
  • Production of polypropylene capacity of 180 thousand tons per year
  • Capacity production butikauchukov and halobutyl rubbers up to 120 thousand tons per year (The unit allocation rubber - Velding-2).
  • Construction of water treatment plant and water lifting III water system


  • Construction and commissioning of test production wells Luzhkov oilfield and deposits Moiseevskaya area of Samara Region


  • Construction of the plant of gasoline
  • Construction of the plant gas condensate

OJSC «Kazanorgsintez»

  • Production of Bisphenol A (70 thousand tons per year)
  • Production of Polycarbonate (65 thousand tons per year)

«LUKOIL-Permnefteorgsintez» LLC

  • The construction of a hydrocracking complex Titus. 522

OJSC «Nizhnekamsk Refinery»

  • Construction and capital repair

OJSC «Nizhnekamskshina»

  • Construction and capital repair

OJSC «Nizhnekamsk Plant of Technical Carbon»

  • Construction and capital repair

«Nizhnekamskneftekhim-Divinyl» LLC

  • Construction and capital repair

Our Management Policy

In April, 2008, in Nizhnekamsk Enterprise “Centromontazhavtomatika” LLC passed Quality Management System Auditing that certified the company to the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001:2001 standard and stated that there are regulated conditions in the company of performing and rendering services that guarantee appropriate quality of executed works and testify availability of the company’s economic mechanism structure of high level industrial standards that would as result let the company gain a high competitive position among other construction and assembling organizations.

Certification was performed by Quality Systems “INTERECOMS” that is accredited in the system of DAR/TGA, Germany. The certificates issued in the framework of DAR/TGA system are of great importance for any company that operates at the European or world market because Germany is a member of International Accreditation Forum, Inc.(IAF).

Our Quality Policy


Own products

Nizhnekamsk Enterprise «Centromontazhavtomatika» LLC has its own production base, equipped with a stationary machine tools, both Russian and foreign production.

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