Nizhnekamsk Enterprise “Centromontazhavtomatika” LLC offers its services for automation of industrial and social installations.

Instrumentation system installation activities are carried out as per project documentations issued by the Customer.

Technological process automation is a very critical dimension in operation of any plant or unit that as a consequence provides for the following functionalities:

  • Status control of associated equipment and main process parameters (equipment start-up and shut-down in automatic or remote control mode).
  • Operational efficiency of process data acquisition and handling, thereby operators and supervisors gain some additional time for taking proper decisions.
  • On-line diagnose of alarm conditions and generation of warning alarms and tripping alarms (buzzing, color-coded indication, alarm messages).
  • Stable and trouble-free operation of process equipment.

Technological process automation is carried out in precise conformity with production procedures and regulatory documents requirements.

While performing construction and installation jobs we carry out the complete range of works:

  • Control cable and wire routing, installation of control panels and instrumentation devices and their supporting structures.
  • Laying of cables and wires, their marking and ringing-out.
  • Installation of instrumentations, connecting, wiring and testing.
  • Automation equipment tuning.
  • Plant commissioning and bringing on-stream, plant handover to the Customer.

The expertise we have let us foresee the end results of our work, that it is why when we turn to work we are certain that as a result you will get what you really wanted.