Security and fire alarm

Security and fire alarm is a certain set of technological tools intended to detect and annunciate fire hazards at the earliest possible time and automatically initiate control signals for fire and gas system and for automatic fire-extinguisher system. The prime purpose of all these actions is to save people’s lives.

Works of installation, maintenance and repair of fire prevention and fire extinguishing equipment for buildings and structures are usually transformed into activities associated with installation, maintenance and repair of active and passive systems of fire prevention and extinguishing and their elements:

  • Installation, maintenance and repair of fire extinguishers.
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of fire alarm and security and fire alarm systems.
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of fire-water supply systems.
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of smoke exhaust systems.
  • Installation, maintenance and repair fire annunciation and evacuation system.
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of lightning protection system.
  • Fire protection measures as applied to materials, products and structures.

Security and fire alarm functionalities:

  • Fire detection.;
  • Data processing and logging.;
  • Initiation of alarm controlling signal.;
  • Initiation of instruction to start up automatic fire extinguisher and smoke exhauster, fire annunciator, certain technological and electrical equipment, and other engineering services of the installation.

Proprietary material and technical base let the company handle the task of security and alarm system installation, its commissioning and maintenance with integrated approach.

Specialists of Nizhnekamsk Enterprise “Centromontazhavtomatika” LLC were tested for their qualification at the State Fire-Fighting Service training centre of Russian Federation Ministry of Civil Defense and Emergency Response, the Republic of Tatarstan. All these specialists have appropriate skills and expertise and long term working experience in this field.

Qualification of our specialists make it possible to perform technical services of fire alarm systems that are installed at social facilities such as kindergartens, schools, municipal and regional hospitals.

Fire prevention and fire extinguishing activities go along with measures aiming at providing fire protection for people and material resources, and actions to save people, material possessions and bring fire under control:

  • Development of fire prevention measures.
  • Study of organizational and technical decisions that are taken to provide fire security.